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Site Accommodation

Hire our wide range of Site Accommodation from Yorkshire Plant


Nobody wants to use cold and dirty toilets while they’re working and at Yorkshire Plant we have an extensive range of Toilet Blocks for hire which are a perfect solution, providing somewhere clean, warm and tidy to do your business and deliver your project


Our Toilet Blocks are delivered clean and offer a bright and inviting space to workers and visitors with two separate bathrooms. One side, used for males, has two waterless urinals and two toilet cubicles with three sinks, large mirrors and a hand dryer, while the other side, used by females, has a single toilet with a basin, mirror and hand dryer.

Toilets feature soft close seats and dual flush buttons, while the waterless urinals reduce the odours that can occur from use. There is also a board installed that can be fitted with a paper towel dispenser should you wish.

We offer a servicing package on a weekly basis which can be tailored to suit your demand

  • Bright interiors, with windows designed to optimise light levels, white walls and heavy-duty flooring
  • Well-equipped and comfortable working environments, with natural ventilation
  • Choice of different cabin sized to suit your specifications