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Turf Cutter

Our Turf Cutter can be used at any time of the year although we wouldn’t recommend using the machine if the ground is particularly hard or frosty and is ideal for Gardeners and Contractors who are looking to landscape an already turfed area. The cutting depth is easily achieved with the height adjustment on the front of the machine and the blade of the cutter is designed to be used only to cut strips of grass. Prior to operation it is essential to test the depth of the soil, this can be done simply with a garden fork. The Turf Cutter should not be used in ground which is less than 25mm in depth. Do not operate the Turf Cutter on wet lawns or in wet weather.

Max gradient for operation on slopes: 20°. Before turf cutting can be carried out, the grass must be cut short and be cleared of any objects such as stones or sticks that would damage the machine.

Turf Cutter Hire

Remove turf with ease

Our turf cutter will remove strips of turf from gardens, parks, sites, and other areas. Our machines are perfect for gardening and DIY projects, construction projects, laying underground cables and pipes and installing artificial turf or astroturf

Cut up to 30m of turf a minute!

Our turf cutters have a slim and compact design along with simple controls and adjustable anti-vibration handlebars for user comfort. To operate, simply start the engine and squeeze the two-step safety lever to engage the cutting blades. Lower the blades into the turf using the lever at the rear of the machine. Engage the rear-wheel-drive using the gear lever and away you go.

As you walk along with the machine, the blades cut through the top layer of turf, leaving 30cm wide strips. Our turf cutting machine provides an extremely economical way of clearing turf, as a result, it saves the expense of buying fresh turf at the end of the job.

High-Quality Design

Our turf cutter is a professional standard piece of equipment, built to the highest standards. It features a reliable Honda engine – designed to be easy to start – so whether you are a professional contractor or DIY user, you can get to grips with it very quickly. The two-stage operating lever allows the operator to start using the machine quickly but provides protection against accidentally engaging the machine. The blade depth is adjustable using a simple turning wheel. The blades are manufactured from hardened steel, for efficient and effective cutting. The adjustable anti-vibration handlebars allow easy storage and transportation to and from the site. Above all our turf cutting machines offer professional results with minimal effort. The petrol-powered nature of these turf lifters gives them excellent cutting capabilities, without the restriction of power cables – so you have unlimited access to work anywhere.