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Road Forms

Road Forms are ideal for use in the construction of ground-slabs, roadways, foundations drives and garage floors. All of our road forms are square edge rigid.

Together rigid and flexible road forms are a simple solution to form concrete shuttering used in the formation of concrete slabs and floor. 


Yorkshire Plant have a large selection of roadforms for hire


Approx Depth (mm)   Depth (inch)    Length (mtr)   Weight (kg)

100      4          3          21

150      6          3          26

200      8          3          32

250      10        3          36

There is a difference between round edge and square edge roadforms. We only supply the superior square edged roadforms creating a much cleaner and more professional finish when pouring concrete. Square edge roadforms are manufactured using channels that have a true square edge, as opposed to pressed channels. These can leave a rounded edge and therefore provide a less clean-cut finish once the concrete is poured & sets.

We supply a range of concrete shuttering to suit your requirements, the depth of the road form required is determined by the thickness of the slab required / depth of concrete to be poured. Road forms are held in place using road form stakes. Three road stakes are used for each road form and when driven home, through the lock housing, they lock into place holding the road form firmly in position. The road form stakes are inserted into the apex of the lock housing. They are then driven into the ground to hold them in place. It is important to hit the larger end of the housing wedge in order to lock the road form in place against the road form stake. If this is not done the road form will move leaving a substandard finish. 

Yorkshire Plant are one of the few companies in and around Beverley and Hull who hire roadforms and we have a large supply of well maintained stock at any one time 

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