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Fall arrest bags

£6.25 ex VAT


Yorkshire Plant are the only business in Hull, Beverley and East Riding to have a consistent supply of fall arrest bags for hire.

This arrestor bed is a fall arrest system which can be self-installed in most floor plans. The system will provide a practical, adaptable solution particularly where the demands for fall protection are constantly changing.

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Yorkshire Plant are the areas only supplier of fall arrest bags. We supply many projects in the Hull and Beverley area ensuring sites are safe and compliant. As a result we always have a large number of bags in stock.

Portability is the most important factor as 50 bags will fit on just one pallet, which is ideal for transport and storage, and once inflated these 50 bags will cover an area of 80 m2. We can supply 50 bags on one load.

Our fall arrest systems comprises a high quality inner and outer bag containing polystyrene fill which is designed to absorb the energy of a fall by a single person. They are easily installed and placed within a house structure

The bags are self-supporting and do not require containment within walls

Each fall arrest bag weighs approximately 6 kilos and can be installed quickly and simply in numerous applications

Coverage & Performance

Each bag has a length of 2.5m and a diameter of 0.644m, this gives a true surface coverage of 1.61 sq. metres. This makes installation quick and large areas easy to cover.


Surface Coating

The main body of the Fall-Pac is treated with a special surface coating which gives many advantages including reduction of water ingress, increased impact absorbency and increased anti-soiling properties.


When the customer requires disposal of the Fall-Pac we can arrange collection and recycle them. This option eradicates expensive waste disposal costs for the Customer and reduces the effects on the environment

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