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Fall arrest bag hire


Yorkshire Plant are the only business in Hull, Beverley and East Riding to have a consistent supply of fall arrest bags for hire.

Our fall arrest system can be self-installed in most floor plans. The system provides a practical, adaptable solution particularly where the demands for fall protection are constantly changing.


Soft Landing Bag fall protection systems protect your workforce.

They can provide protection to operatives involved in the loading or unloading of vehicles. They provide an energy-absorbing surface to provide protection should a fall occur. They are particularly suitable for use within the rail sector whilst servicing and maintaining trains and equipment.

Minimum hire periods apply – Price on Application. We can transport

Light and easy to install bags but also just as easy to move on from building to building.

Minimise injury risk

The HSE‘s recommended way to prevent a fall from height is to use a tower scaffold. However there is always the risk of misuse of the towers being poorly erected

Fall arrest bags are designed to provide a safe cushioned landing, absorbing the weight of a fall and minimising the risk of causing a major injury.

Meets the needs of housebuilders

In the house building market, contractors often have no protection of falling through floor joist and roof trusses.

Fall arrest bags are versatile and can be used in timber framed developments, concrete buildings, traditional brick-built properties, scaffolding, lorry beds and much more.

Makes room for harness free

Should the task dictate it, workers are able to gain greater freedom to move around and handle tools and materials by working harness-free. This allow greater freedom to move around and handle tools and materials.

Ease of installation and time efficient

The bags are prefilled making them quick and easy to install, in as little as 15 minutes.

Softens the blow
Our fall arrest protection system brings a new perspective of speed, convenience and adaptability to protecting your workforce on site. Light, easily moveable bags not only make installation quick and easy but vitally are also just as easy to move from building to building saving time AND money
Our fall arrest solution’s can be used where there is a need to protect personnel whilst working or, exposed to a risk from a fall from height.

The bags are supplied as a complete sealed unit, with specialist impact absorbent material already enclosed.

It is a flexible and portable system offering a proven cost effective solution to replace or complement conventional safety staging systems.

All products in the range have been subjected to stringent tests by the British Research Establishment (BRE) to ensure their compliance with the latest BSI PAS59 standards.


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