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Cat Scanner

Cat Cable detector scanner

An easy to use cable detector that is essential for locating buried pipes and cables when carrying out excavations and groundworks 

This product is ideal for use before excavation work to help you avoid striking a buried cable or pipe.







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Hire a Cat scanner

Robust and easy to use, our Cat scanner can detect cables for service connections¬† such as electricity cables, data / telecoms cables and conductive pipes including steel and cast iron. Featuring a unique ‘Automatic Pinpointing’ feature, data logging capability and if used in conjunction with a signal generator, depth estimation.

This machine will locate underground service pipes or power cables quickly, safely and accurately. It will trace smaller cables and also offers overload protection which filters out high levels of noise interference. Also with the option of StrikeAlert and Data logging.

  • DETECTOR Enhanced small cable locating
  • Dynamic overload protection which filters out interference¬† Can locate up to a depth of 4m DETECTOR WITH STRIKE ALERT
  • StrikeAlert – Minimise the risk of hitting a shallow cable with StrikeAlert which has been enhanced and optimised to reduce the instances of false warnings
  • Data Logging – The onboard memory stores measurements allowing the instrument to be hooked up to a computer, operators can access the data and export the instrument log files
  • Swing Warning – An electronic swing warning system alerts the operator if the cable avoidance tool is swinging GENERATOR
  • Allows tracing of individual pipes and cables DETECTION SONDE


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