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Air Spade

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Air picks are used in areas demanding a careful approach to root investigation, excavation and soil decompaction / aeration within the root systems of trees. The Air Spade is a remarkable and effective tool.

The Air Spade is particularly useful for root investigation and excavations or when working in areas containing services or tree roots, which could be damaged by conventional digging. Using compressed air we can expose roots and services without damage, so that they can be located, inspected and bypassed. Such conscientious excavation can facilitate service runs and foundations installed within the root systems of trees.

When compaction has occurred, Air Spades are used to decompact / aerate soil. We have a number of methods to achieve aeration of soils. This soil aeration is used when soil decompaction is required, often after the traversing by plant/vehicles or even people.

Our clients include Local Authorities, Tree Consultants, Architects, Developers, Utilities, Tree Surgeons and Homeowners across the UK.

If you are a developer or Tree consultant and unsure how an Air Spade can assist you, please give us call 01482 424409

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