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6m Telehandler

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6m Telehandler

Our range of Telehandlers are compact, light, and very powerful they work anywhere, particularly in tight spaces


Minimised downtime.

1 All daily checks and grease points are easily located at ground level on the JCB 516-40.

2 Every filter is simple to access for fast, easy servicing; the air filter features a double-element construction to aid cleaning.

3 The battery is located under the bonnet but it’s also accessible using only the ignition key, with no special tools required.

4 Filling the diesel tank is straightforward and can be done from ground level.

5 JCB wear pads use a dry lubricant system which prolongs degradation and, therefore, service life. Accordingly, wear pad service intervals are 500 hours, compared with 250 hours on typical competitor machines.