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17m Telehandler

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17m Telehandler

Our range of Telehandlers are compact, light, and very powerful they work anywhere, particularly in tight spaces. They are user friendly meaning they are fuel efficient and above all safe.

Our 14m telehandler is a very effective machine

Low running costs.

1 Fuel-efficient matching of the transmission and hydraulics is ensured because the 516-40’s JCB Diesel by Kohler engine produces high levels
of torque at engine speeds as low as 1600rpm.

2 JCB Loadalls have a well-earned reputation for delivering reliable performance with minimum downtime.

3 To get the most for your money, you need your machinery to keep working hard even in hazardous environments; for this reason, steering rams on the 516-40 are located high on the chassis out of harm’s way. You can also choose optional front screen guard for added protection from falling debris.


Minimised downtime.

1 All daily checks and grease points are easily located at ground level on the JCB 516-40.

2 Every filter is simple to access for fast, easy servicing; the air filter features a double-element construction to aid cleaning.

3 The battery is located under the bonnet but it’s also accessible using only the ignition key, with no special tools required.

4 Filling the diesel tank is straightforward and can be done from ground level.

5 JCB wear pads use a dry lubricant system which prolongs degradation and, therefore, service life. Accordingly, wear pad service intervals are 500 hours, compared with 250 hours on typical competitor machines.

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